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12 August 2016 @ 08:37 pm
It's been a while since i got sore throat and then here comes the fever. Hope to get well soon.
02 August 2016 @ 11:35 am
On friday night i got to stay with Jess at nearby Aston because she had 2 nights free accommodation. Nice room, spacious but could be improved better on the parking space. So on sat, i continued hunting for my devil cos. Planned to meet up with Mel but somehow im feeling so sleepy that i couldnt wait for her. End up me and Jess went back to our apt and slept till dinner time. By dinner i brought Jess to Kamakura cafe, it was my 4-5th visit. The karage is delicious!

On Sunday me n mel went to Comifuro, I wanted to meet Tam for discussion on our booth next month but the event was over crowded. It was a headache and too stuffy. I really suggest the EO will change the venue next year or I will not go there anymore.

Btw Typhoon Nida hits HK yesterday and today, hope it will soon be over.
29 July 2016 @ 12:40 am
Early in the morning my brother suddenly ask me to go SG by next week for some business. Then i also had to make a product which was long sold before. Went to office and before noon i rushed to charisma to get some materials for devil cos. Only had 2 risolle for lunch then back at home, the electricity went down. Only then i could calm down n eat instant noodle. I quickly rushed again to cut my devil cos skirt. Then bought my air tix then went to fetch my mum.

Before returning to my apt, i had to stop and filled up my car petrol. Tml, will be busy too but i hope to get it all done before noon. Gd nite
27 July 2016 @ 11:00 am
Finally get to start my zumba class again on monday. Im feeling the fun sgain but i hope we get a better instructor. Anyway slso just watched Star Trek Beyond. It was good really, i thought it would be like normal sequal movie but thus is above my expectation!

Really want to get started with my cosplay project but still cant find the right time to go, ok probably latest by this saturday.

Now im already planing for Dec Comic Fiesta, may be EOY too? 60% confirming
22 July 2016 @ 08:55 pm
Today i just install the internet cable at my apt. Been thinking for this since last year. Wooohhh

Anyway today when i decided to hit the gym, the zumba instructor was late but they saud class cancel so after i shower n ready to leave they announced that the class just started. Wth... fine! I will go back to my crunches.

Celebrate Jess bday yesterday just a simple meal with a piece of cake had a hearty chat. Hope this will just cheer us up.
21 July 2016 @ 11:19 am
My mum spoiled my morning mood... why? here is why?

All start in the morning when i wa my mum if she needs the car because i need to go to the office to bring back a scanner, which i told her yesterday whether she need the car in the morning? She said no. Ok fine, by 7.30am she told me to drop her at the market. Ok I bring the car back, when Camry was playing outside the house, barking at motorist that passed our gate. My mum came into the car:

Mum: Please do something about the dog, cos I heard incident happened dog bites human. Chain her or cage her...
I: Why must you listen to other dog story? Our dog is our dog, for 3 years we know her better. She is small and a female dog, so her attitude is just protecting our house. She is loud but she does not mean to bite. (I start getting emotion and tear up)
Mum: I only talk a little and you are acting up. Always like that (distrusting unsatisfied tone)
I: I'm just sad, I'm not angry. SHE is our dog, i trust her, but ever since you start listening to other dogs stories she became the victim too.
Mum: But ppl will get hurt if she chase around or roam outside like that
I: When we brought her here, we want her to roam freely, she was sterilized so she can roam outside, not to be kept inside the house. You told me since about the "dog who bite a baby", SHE was supposed to be outside the house no more sleeping inside the house. So now you won't allow her to roam outside the gate. What's the use?
Mum: Just because I talk about something small like this and you are acting all up, every time!
I: We can train her but it is not easy
Mum: Then you train her
I: I'm not always at home to train her, I can only spend a couple of hours with her.
Mum: That's why, you must be at home, not moved out to apartment. I regret buying the apartment
I: I did train her to sleep in the garage but once you let her in and disturb her routine, it is not easy to train her back. Let alone only me who cares for her. Training a dog not just a day or two.
Mum: Then why must you stay at the apartment?
I: Now I'm still attached to the family, I might one day get married and still have to move out.
Mum: Yeah that's when you get married but you are still with us, so why must you moved out. Sometimes we want to discuss with you but you are not at home. When you are back, we forgot what to tell you already. You are not active at home
I: I'm active, I have mobile and internet at my apartment. I can work at home, apartment even at office.
Mum: We just can't have a discussion when you are not at home

From here onwards, she almost reached her destination and she drop off.

Sometimes in a family there are things you can say but some I find it is hard to say. I was at home most of the time yesterday since my mum just return from her China trip, my SG trip and my brother's SG trip. So I'm sure there are many things to discuss but.... my mum bring her friends over chit-chat and gathers. Ok, I thought we could talk in a few more days or over the weekends, my brother will probably at home too. But Im losing faith, I feel I'm still tied down no matter where i go.

My mum still don't understand why I need to move out, and I think many parents also don't understand but after being told off many times, excuses and blames I just can't hold my tears. I'm still responsible for my work which my brother trust me to do. I still want to live a better lifestyle for my own and I want to believe if there is anything i could help my family and sacrifices for them I will do it. But there will be time when I will have to let go some of these.
19 July 2016 @ 11:43 am
Suddenly I was busy in my second, ok but i manage to finished all before noon again. But may be will stay around and eat my lunch soon at my primary school.

I'm planning to go for cosplay materials hunting this weekend. I want to get it done fast but, I'm not confidence this time.

OT: I was thinking about it last night, there is a question and we discuss if we ever argue and quarrel will I be the one to say "Let's break up". Ummm... it had me thinking and I found my answer. Since I'm the first one to confess and I'm the one to say my love, I can be sure that I will be the one to prove my love and will not be the one to say it. I will also trust the you, whom I choose and trust.
18 July 2016 @ 12:40 pm
A new day at office, done most of my work before noon. Will get to rest before I went to fetch my bro later.
Finally did a few shopping on the last week end. It's been awhile since i spend money for leisure but still i consider it to be part of my cosplay props so yeah *excusetomyself*

I should be back to my daily schedule in 2 more days. Will be back to my gym even though it is hard but i try to continue my own abs work out on my own. Ever since i reduce my daily meal, now i cant have a big appetite I hope i'm doing it the right way.

Hummm....what is the solution for indigestion? Does emo really helps? or was it because of other things? I shall read more on that later.
16 July 2016 @ 10:53 pm
So i had another fun filled day with Mel and also another hearty chat wit Yan. I wonder, since I start to open up myself and sharing with my friends, I found out we really find out more about each other. We are frens even classmates but what are true friends? I really thank everyone who would like to hear me and share with me even just another stories. Why we never share such a secret even we had been years of friends. True friends doesnt measure by number of years but how you interact with each other, how you are comfortable sharing with each other, how trustful are they to you.

I chatted with Yan till morning hours and was wondering why we never had this chance before. But it's never too late. I learn alot about you and will continuing supporting you as my dear frens.

Managed to sleep 2 hours and rest awhile before I headed out to meet my best buddies. Thank you so much!!! Thanks for listening to me and thanks for the advice. It's been awhile since we last gather ha ha ha thanks for so much laughter too.

I'm very happy and lucky, to have my friends even closer to me now and even more understanding about each other. I feel grateful to have met all of you.
15 July 2016 @ 08:07 am
Met mel today for more than 6 hours, we talked about everything. I didnt know we are the same age even after so many years of frens. Thank you for your advice and sharing your experience to me. Really enjoy talking one to one. Let's hope for the best for both our future.

OT: I remember someone talked about the need to look good esp in front of your partner. May be one day you will meet his frens/relatives and you will be judge by their first impression. So girls esp (who dont like do dress up or dont care about her looks) should start thinking for their partner and consider them instead of being selfish who you are and neglect your appearance because you dont really care.

Well i somewhat disagree and agree. I agree to some extend we have to present ourselves well in front of others yes but do you ever think what if dressing up is something that you dont like and dont care abt how ppl judge you.
I have a fren who dont like being dress up and she prefer her comfort style more than anything. We tried persuading her to get nicer dress blah... blah... but after so many years with her we tease her for the unchanging style. I admire her really, she is someone who is strong in her personality and knows what is best for her own. So if one day she met her partner and start "dressing up" and her reason was because she had to look good for her partner in case they meet other party,..... i think i will be much disappointing.

I dont see the reason why must she change her style or her personality just because of "in case they meet other parties" or "so her partner would not be shame being seen together with her". I believe every girl or every guy would like to look their best with each other, who cares what other looks on what is nice or what is not on your style. Be respectful in the occasion when attending events - wedding parties - girls doesnt have to wear that sexy black mini dress, if you are not comfortable with that style there are more thousand style available and the point is to look neat and presentable. Knowing to respect your partner or respect the host. Not because of the judging look you will get.

I want to look good in front of my partner, but i wont put on make up daily or dress up more than him. Why? easy compatibility. If my own partner is a down to earth style i want to dress to suit his style, just simple and casual. I used to scold my ex for not dressing up and blame him as i always dress up for him. But now i realize it shld nt be that why. If i love him and choose him to be my partner, i have to accept for what he is. He might not be perfect but style is not a necessary item in our criteria. So instead of dressing up, I just want to match his style and neat and clean. Proper etiquette and action counts. If you wear nice dress and make up but you dont know what is basic etiquette, then no point.